About North West Compacting Inc.


North West Compacting has been in the waste and recycling business for over 8 years. Our president and head technician, Carlos Meija, has over 10 years experience in waste and recycling equipment maintenance, as well as hydraulic and fabrication experience.



We service all name brand equipment such as Marathon Equipment Company, Sebright, Wastequip, American Balers, Selco Balers, Maxpack, PTR Balers and Compactors, Dual pack, Harmony Enterprise, International Balers, Kpac and Cram-a-lot.



We also service specialty waste management equipment such as dust collectors, blowers, Sonozaire units (deodorizer), One Plus units (One Plus is the key-pad control unit that allows you to control who is using the equipment through codes or a monitor which controls how full your unit is and automatically sends a pick-up call to the hauler), cyclone, conveyors, cart dumpers and shredders.        



We are located in Sacramento and service Northern California, but will go anywhere the customer needs our service. Our response time is just a few hours for our local area, and we always give priority to emergency service calls. We also offer our service through the weekend.



North West Compacting always keeps you informed on the status of your repair or service. We offer free estimates and free site surveys, and always back up our jobs with a three month warranty on labor and parts. Our goal is to get the job done with the highest standards. We want keep our customers happy with our excellent quality service.



We look forward to serving you.




Meet the president, 


Carlos Mejia is reputed to be one of the most knowledgable and reliable compactor and baler
service technicians in the North West. It has often been said that Carlos can trouble shoot and repair any compactor or baler quicker and do it more effectively than anyone in this highly specialized field.



In addition, all of North West Compacting’s technicians are trained and supervised by Carlos to ensure that all customers come away with a positive experience. As North West Compacting’s leader, Carlos’ extensive working knowledge and impeccable work ethic set a standard that is literally unmatched by any other waste management and recycling equipment service company in our region.


As for background, Carlos began his career refurbishing M48 and M111 (Army) tanks, and fabricating mobile bridges for a private military contractor. This precision work paved the way for his specialized knowledge of hydraulics and steel fabrication techniques.



As President of North West Compacting Inc. I'll make sure every job is done correctly and every customer is happy.   ---Carlos Mejia



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